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When you’re looking for on camera teleprompter services and expert teleprompter operators, choose Moxie NOLA to ensure a flawless production. Because Moxie has provided teleprompter services to the New Orleans and Gulf Coast region for over 35 years, we have the best crew and highest quality equipment on the market.

Not only have we provided live television teleprompter services over for hundreds of network, news, sports, and corporate shows but we have also worked with local, state and national speakers. From the White House to ESPN, our expert teleprompter service allows your talent and productions to shine.

    • Presidential monitors
    • Downstage and floor monitors
    • Confidence monitors

Delivering a speech with a teleprompter is not as easy as it looks. That’s why teleprompter operators from Moxie Nola Productions know to how coach presentations and get a great performance from the talent.

    Teleprompter Operators

    Before shooting even starts, our crew prepares by going through the script to determine the perfect reading speed and eye level to prompt.

    Crew works together with you and the talent. They know how to address pacing, body language, eye contact, and appearance. And they have the professional insight to give constructive notes, so the performance is as genuine as possible. Not to mention that they’re also trained technicians ready to troubleshoot any technological situations that may come up.

    Teleprompter Green Screen Studio
    Stage monitor

    Stage Monitors

    Downstage, floor, confidence and monitors are often placed downstage and are best for events where speakers or talent will be moving around. Singers, speakers, and performers can walk, run, and jump around the stage and still reference lyrics, notes, or presentation copy. For this reason, our monitors have a variety of sizes and can be adjusted for height, color and brightness.

    We fit monitors to your particular stage set up, so they can serve as a point of reference for performers and not be obvious to the audience. The downstage version usually uses an unobtrusive floor stand and inside a black box covered with a non-reflective black fabric. We will work with your stage and event providers to present you with the perfect teleprompter solution tailored to your specific staging and needs.

    Presidential monitor

    Presidential Monitors

    Presidential teleprompters are lightweight and don’t need tools for setup and operation. The reversing monitors use PC or Mac software for prompting and presentation.

    Our Presidential package includes two teleprompters along with computer, operator, a distribution amp, and 25 foot extension cables. The pair of transparent glass screens on thin stands flank the speaker. And the monitors display text in a way that is clear to the speaker but invisible to the audience.

    Our operators match the presidential teleprompter’s text-scrolling speed with the speaker. They also work with talent beforehand to make sure they are comfortable and ready.

    Teleprompter Green Screen Studio

    New Orleans Teleprompter Rental

    Using local teleprompter operators simplifies rental and delivery. Because we are a production company in New Orleans, we can provide you skilled operators who have the experience to make sure you get the best setup for your specific production.

    Additional Audio Visual Services

    Moxie offers a full range of audio-visual services for both in studio and live events, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. We offer staging, design, and signage solutions too. Find out more about our other services and take your production to the next level and create an immersive experience for your audience.

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