eLearning Development and Online Training

eLearning Development and Online Training

Custom eLearning Development Process


Elearning development enhances content, engages learners, and allows detailed tracking of the training process. Especially because eLearning tailors training to your organization’s specific needs.

eLearning Development

Targeted Learning and Increased Retention

You might think off-the-shelf courses are a cost-effective way to train on a wide range of skills and subject matter. However, these pre-designed courses do not always meet the needs of your corporate learners.

For instance, with custom learning modules, you can create company-specific scenarios with a more meaningful impact. Custom course development also allows for greater flexibility in content, design, and branding. This personalized approach to training also includes real-world scenarios using methods and resources specific the learner’s workplace. Not only will this lead to increased retention and improved performance, but when training material is applicable and relevant employees feel valued and have a greater since of job satisfaction.

Reduced Cost and Training Time

Our custom course development team can build you personalized training that saves you money, especially when used with our LMS.

On-site, in-person training can be costly, both in terms of time and travel expenses. And those costs recur each time training is needed. Although the initial costs of custom development are commonly higher than off-the-shelf courses, the individualized training offers a higher value.

Custom courses get to the point quickly. On the other hand, because pre-built courses are generic, training topics often may not be relevant for your learners.

Online Training

  • Experienced instructional design
  • Individualized training
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Onboarding
  • Interactive Exxercises &Games
  • Immediate Feddback
  • VR Scenarios
  • Custom Tracking & Reports
Learn Online

Instructional Design

our instructional teams knows how to make your custom courses meaningful and interactive. Even though content is important, how it’s presented is equally important. Moxie knows how to chunk information and give feedback to engage learners.

VR Scenarios

When learners put on a headset, a virtual world immerses them in the scenario. But even when students don’t have access to a VR unit, they can view virtual scenarios any smart phone. Virtual reality has the potential to take learning beyond the traditional online learning experience and into the future.



The Value of Custom eLearning Development

What’s important to realize is customized eLearning is designed to enable learners. Custom training eliminates unnecessary information, can be completed in a fraction of the time, and get employees back in the field quickly.

In addition, custom eLearning can focus on a group of specific audiences. As a result, you can create individual training paths focused on specific duties, proficiency level, and provide the right training solutionfor each employee’s needs.

Forget defining your training expectations around a one-size-fits-all course. All in all, custom development creates courses precisely aligned with your specific training needs and objectives. Moxie helps you design custom training to engage your audience, meet your goals, and ensure that your efforts will meet the mark every time.


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